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  • Optimal fuzzy control for canal control structures 

    Author(s):Begovich, O.; Ruiz, V. M.
    This paper presents an application of a SCADAPack Remote Terminal Unit to regulate the level in an irrigation canal prototype. The designed upstream level regulator consists of two Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) controllers ...
  • SCADA and related technologies 

    Author(s):Skafidas, E.; Mareels, I.
    The Zigbee™ alliance seeks to develop an open standard for reliable, cost-effective, secure wireless interconnectivity of monitoring and control products. The ZigBee™ technology is better suited for control applications, ...
  • Effective implementation of algorithm theory into PLCs 

    Author(s):Piao, Xianshu; Burt, Charles
    A major constraint for implementation of automated canal control is the complicated, tedious, and potentially error-ridden task of programming the control algorithm and associated overhead into PLCs (Programmable Logic ...
  • Real-time model-based dam automation: a case study of the Piute Dam 

    Author(s):Maxwell, Matthew S.
    For over five years, Piute Dam in the Sevier River Basin of Utah has been equipped with an automatic gate to regulate releases into the downstream irrigation delivery system. This system has allowed the water commissioner ...
  • All American Canal monitoring project 

    Author(s):Bradshaw, David
    Imperial Irrigation District (IID) will strategically place four independent sensor setups along the All American Canal (AAC) for better monitoring of flow in the canal. More accurate measurement is needed of flow into the ...
  • Taking closed piping flowmeters to the next level - new technologies support trends in data logging and SCADA systems 

    Author(s):Kohlmann, Michael; Miramontes, Peter
    We are seeing some clear trends in water distribution and management systems which are especially true in the irrigation market where water is a precious, but sometimes scarce resource. Among these trends are usage ...
  • Incorporating sharp-crested weirs into irrigation SCADA systems 

    Author(s):Wahl, Tony L.
    Real-time flow measurement and monitoring are important components of modern irrigation SCADA systems. Many projects have existing sharp-crested weir structures that have not been incorporated into SCADA systems because ...
  • Design and implementation of an irrigation canal SCADA 

    Author(s):Rijo, Manuel; Lanhoso, Adriano; Nunes, Miguel
    In Portugal all of the upstream controlled canal systems work with flexible water delivery schedules and therefore canal operational losses can be significant. Realtime technologies can allow the canal managers to continuously ...
  • Training SCADA operators with real-time simulation 

    Author(s):Strand, R. J.; Clemmens, A. J.; Denny, N. T.
    Many irrigation districts use SCADA software to manage their canal systems. Whether homegrown or commercial, these programs require a significant amount of training for new operators. While some SCADA operators are hired ...
  • Demonstration of gate control with SCADA system in Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas 

    Author(s):Turan, Burak; Fipps, Guy; Leigh, Eric; Nazarov, Azimjon
    The management of canal operations with centralized control provides a powerful way to monitor the existing conditions at the site, regulate water demands and supplies, while minimizing delays and losses. Three control ...
  • Submerged venturi flume 

    Author(s):Gill, Tom; Einhellig, Robert
    Improvement in canal operating efficiency begins with establishing the ability to measure flow at key points in the delivery system. The lack of available head has been a constraint limiting the ability to measure flow ...
  • Uinta basin replacement project: a SCADA case study in managing multiple interests and adapting to loss of storage 

    Author(s):Pullan, Wayne
    Section 203(a) of the Central Utah Project Completion Act authorized a replacement project--the Uinta Basin Replacement Project (UBRP) - to replace the Uinta and Upalco Units of the Central Utah Project (CUP) which were ...
  • Ochoco Irrigation District telemetry case study 

    Author(s):Kihara, Kathy; Livingston, Shane
    Ochoco Irrigation District with help from Reclamation's Water Conservation Field Services Program installed three water measurement stations with cell phone telemetry at the tail end of three of their main delivery canals ...
  • Using RiverWare as a real time river systems management tool 

    Author(s):Frevert, Donald; King, David
    RiverWare has been used as a reservoir operation and river systems management tool by the Bureau of Reclamation, Tennessee Valley Authority and a number of other water resources management agencies and organizations for ...
  • Remote monitoring and operation at the Colorado River Irrigation District 

    Author(s):Ruiz, Victor; Navarro, Julio; Paredes, Mario; Andrade, Bernardo; Delgado, Francisco; Begovich, Ofelia; Ramirez, Javier
    The Colorado River Irrigation District is the last irrigation district and water user on the Colorado River. It obtains 80% of the allocated volume to the district from the Colorado River. The inflow to the district presents ...
  • Web-based GIS decision support system for irrigation districts 

    Author(s):Fischer, Brian; Deutschman, Mark
    Water management can be a complicated effort, especially when there is a lack of supporting information for making a decision. Often information is sparse or located in multiple locations. This presentation will demonstrate ...
  • 2005 update on the installation of a VFD/SCADA system at Sutter Mutual Water Company, A 

    Author(s):Schantz, Frederick F.; Styles, Stuart W.; Howes, Daniel J.
    In 1999 Sutter Mutual Water Company (SMWC) and Cal Poly ITRC began work together with the USBR on a project effort to install a VFD unit and a SCADA system into the Portuguese Bend Pumping Plant, one of SMWC's four pumping ...
  • Truckee-Carson Irrigation District turnout water measurement program 

    Author(s):Overvold, David; Styles, Stuart
    The Irrigation Training and Research Center (ITRC) has been working with TCID and USBR as part of the Newlands Project in the Truckee and Carson River basins of California and Nevada. In 1997, ITRC developed a volumetric ...
  • Canal modernization in Central California Irrigation District - case study 

    Author(s):Burt, Charles; Stoddard, Robert; Landon, Russell; White, Chris; Freeman, Beau
    Central California Irrigation District (CCID) provides water from the Mendota Dam northward approximately 110 miles, through and to its service area of approximately 120,000 irrigated acres. CCID enjoys a substantial ...
  • Myth of a "turnkey" SCADA system and other lessons learned, The 

    Author(s):Norman, Robert E.; Khalsa, Ram Dhan
    The Bureau of Reclamation's Western Colorado Area Office has been working on a canal modernization project on the Grand Valley Project for roughly 11 years. During that period we have built seven new check structures, a ...

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